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'The gateway to the best fishing spots in the world'. is a fast search site:

  • You will be able to find fantastic fishing destinations by selecting the country you would like to visit in combination with your favorite kind of fishing,

  • If you click on Fly, Predator, Carp, Whitefish or Sea you will be presented with all kind of information about this subject,

  • Click on the National Tourist Offices button to find general information about the countries.

  • Click the button 'Touroperators / Travelagencies' to see their program / to arrange your booking,

  • Click on 'Fishing Travel News' for the latest information about destinations,

  • The button 'Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Agents' will give information about tackle.

  • On Photo Gallery you will find the most beautiful pictures of your hobby,

  • And of course: Click on the banners for quick contact!

We wish you a lot of fun by planning and preparing a fishing trip.

Tight lines,

Nico de Boer , Silverfox publications, editor and owner